The End of it All – Vent XXXV

Back with a vengeance
Back with my heart and I’m venting
Back with another war pendant, salute me or shoot me
I never wore a kufi, ignore my religion
I believe there’s one God, there’s one love
And I believe if I fly, we all doves – Kendrick Lamar (Heart Pt. 1)

I believe everyone is familiar with the song “it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine” correct? Well the world is supposed to end this time next week. That’s been the big talk for the past year or so, so allow me to vent out everything I’ve been bottling up inside that just couldn’t wait to be said…sike.

It’s funny how the world works; we live, we die, but people are so worried about the ending before establishing their beginnings; the beginnings of their new lives, the beginnings of new love, the beginnings of adventures that have no future destination. Why do we do this to ourselves as humans? People like to look forward to the demise and focus on what would kill them: a new food can cause cancer, touching an item can give you cancer, but getting hit by a car or falling in your tub are more likely to kill you faster, so what exactly is the point of looking for something that you can’t see or predict?

The end of the world – to what degree? You take away someone’s family, their world already ended; you throw someone in jail for a life sentence, their world already ended. Ab-Soul had a line on ‘Book of Soul’ that was a dedication to a loved one that passed away (R.I.P Alori Joh):

I guess the Mayans weren’t lyin’, 2012
my world ended.”

Last time I checked (or was told), a comet hit earth and wiped out the dinosaurs…what happened after that? Rebirth.

There’s 7 Billion people on Earth, you think everyone is just going to wash away as simple as that? I feel sorry for you if this is something you believe in. The world can end at any given moment, but hey, if you choose to believe in something that a bunch of people from thousands of years ago predicted and Hollywood made profit from, that’s fantastic for you.

Ya’ll better hope 2012 really real, cause the way I feel I’mma make ya’ll suffer – Kendrick Lamar (Heart Pt. 1)

What’s your end of the world? What in this life, if you lose it, would stop you from living yours? We’re all different, and we all have different definitions. I didn’t even want to give this topic the light of day, because it’s stupid – however, I have nothing but these words to keep alive, so if the time comes that it all comes to an end for me, I’ll be survived by the words I’ve jotted for the people to read them.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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