TSB365 – Vent XXXVII

I put a lot of pain in the shit I write
If you going through something, this the shit you recite
This is bigger than life – Kendrick Lamar


365 days ago, I woke up, sat on my bed, opened my laptop, went to WordPress and started this blog. I wanted this day to be significant because it’s one that signifies birth, death and progressive growth. I used it as a motivator, a source of entertainment, and a form of expression. By telling a few people that I started it, I could have only imagined what would happen later on.

A year later, I wouldn’t have expected it to make it this far; for people to read what I have to say; to be so observant of my views when it came to movies, music, and just whatever else I put on here. I use this as an outlet to not only help myself, but also to help others. I wouldn’t have thought that the simple opinionated words of myself would hold any meaning with as many people as it did, but I’m grateful for them and thankful of the people who continue to read; both old and new.

The progression of this hasn’t put more pressure, per say, but there are definitely more eyes reading, and more people plugging in to what I’m saying. It’s great that I can be myself, and I can choose to have no filter on this, but it’s a reflection of who I am, so I am accountable for what goes on here.

It’s hard to really sum up how I feel about myself a year later; the people I’ve met, the people who’ve been connected to me through this blog, and the people who have shared their gratitude towards me for having it. I’m deeply humbled, and for someone who spends a majority of his time talking and taking pride in his use of words – I’m really at a loss of words for how much I thank those who’ve literally been supportive from day one. Not just the people who were there when I started this blog, but the people who were there when I was writing my movie reviews or doing my video blogs – I’m appreciative of those people.

I’m no one to be put on a large platform, because I haven’t done anything to deserve such high praise. I’ve just been myself – rambunctious, idiotic, selfless, genuine, informative, entertaining, compassionate. I’m a complex person; I’m not one to take myself serious all of the time, because I spent so much time doing it. To the people who respect me and show lots of love, I’m thankful for you, and you’re the people who make this blog what it is, and why there’s so much content on here – because you fuel it. I’m just doing what I can to ensure that the people have something to read, whether they like it or not.

What holds for me in the future? God knows, but this blog has fuelled my passion of writing and it showed that I can do this seriously if I put my mind to it. This is a hobby, but it would be great to have a hobby that pays, wouldn’t it? It could happen, but that’s not my focus. I just want this to be what I meant for it to be – 100% reflection of Jordan Hayles; the man behind the letters. In the words of the great Jay-Z: “I’ll never change, this is Jay, every day.” Thank you for being a reader, whether it’s the first time you’ve read, or you’re a frequent visitor. You’re all loved and appreciated. From 2012, 2013 and onward

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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