On The Lookout – Macon Hamilton

There’s definitely something in the air for these 90s kids. I said the same thing about Chuuwee, Earl Sweatshirt, Levi Watson, and Joey Bada$$ because the younger cats have a sound to them that’s fresh and distinctive. This kid, Macon Hamilton, is a 17-year-old native of Macon (rhymes with bacon), Georgia and he was noticed by The Source, when they gave him a spot on their site – that’s a pretty big deal. He’s already been drawing comparisons to Kendrick Lamar for his originality – also a pretty big deal.

I took him in, and he definitely has the potential to be really good in later years, while still being a minor. With the of the ‘New Atlanta’ movement with acts like: Trinidad Jame$, Two9, Miloh Smith, and now Macon Hamilton, there’s definitely something of a musical revolution going on, similar to the ‘New West’ movement (whether you believe in that or not).

Macon Going Ham is a dope mixtape with various styles that combine old and new styles, plus showing off his rhyme skills and versatility as an artist/songwriter. In this day in age of hip hop, you have to do more – people aren’t all captivated the same way anymore. We’ve seen Drake do it as an independent artist, and look at him. So, many follow that blueprint to success, and you’ll either rise or fall flat on your face for it. With his production hat as well, at 17 years old, it’s clear that he wants to be something big one day. Maybe he’ll get there. What I’m hearing now is something to take notice, so pay attention, and appreciate the good while it’s here and developing. Enjoy.

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