Jukebox Mambo: Rumba and Afro-Latin Accented Rhythm & Blues 1949-1960

This is a bit of a Throwback album appreciation post, and it comes by way of my mother (she knows good music). She picked this CD up because it was the one that was playing in the store her and my aunt were shopping at. I’d just started listening to it, and the title of the CD is essentially what you hear.


          The combination of the African drumming & rhythm, with the Latin sensual flavour that’s mingled in, is what automatically caught my attention. They don’t make music like this anymore, and usually the only time you would hear music like this is when it’s used in a Hip Hop sample (but barely anyone samples like they used to). Most of the songs on this album remind me of ‘Down in Mexico’, which was sampled by The Game for ‘Red Bandana’ all those many years ago. It also reminds me of all of the Tito Puente music I grew up listening to at home; rhythmic but still soulful because of the strong voices that were able to carry the songs.

This is good album if you’re one that likes the Afro-Latin vibe. For those who dance, great dancing music; for those who work out, good work out music; if you’re a producer, good sample music. You can find your hidden gems where they please. And if you like this, definitely check out The Budos Band. They have some really good music.


Enjoy the music.

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