Solange Knowles – True EP

I’ll gladly accept my late pass on this one, because although it came out in 2012, good music  can’t just go unnoticed without recognition (which I’m sure this album has got). Call me ignorant, but I didn’t know Solange made music anymore. Like, for real for real. When you’re engulfed in the shadow of your sister who’s heralded as one of the greatest performers ever, one of the most successful artists ever, and the wife of  arguably the greatest rapper of all time, you can really get lost in the minor details of what it is that you do.
Solange is fashionable and for a lot of people, the better looking Knowles sister (I won’t argue that). But when it came to the music, no one really thought she could hold her own seeing as her sister was/is the better one, no if/and’s or buts about it. The thing about siblings that many people get misconstrued is that the younger one wants to be like the older one. Although they share a last name, their lives are glaringly different, especially their careers.

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          Solange approached this EP with a nostalgic driven sound that made me think of the old Janet Jackson, and even some remnants of vintage Madonna. From the songs themselves and her voice riding over them, this is an enjoyable listen. It’s funky, it’s soulful, and it’s a step away from what her sister does with her music, and you have the likes of Rihanna, Elle Varner, and Melanie Fiona all doing their own things. It’s refreshing to hear something different for a change. It’s a love story; an audibal diary – like a teenage love affair, but a bit modernized. If this is the first R&B album/mixtape that you listen to in the new year, you’re doing yourself a favour, because it’s pretty damn good. Enjoy.

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