P. Blackk – Contemporary Nostalgia

            The 6th Letter and Raz Fresco may have all of the shine right now, but the best mixtape that I’ve heard from the Bakers Club hasn’t been either of theirs. P. Blackk is a name that many people are probably not familiar with, but he’s also a member of the crew. He hails from Ohio, as opposed to 6th & Raz who are from Toronto. The first mixtape I heard of his was Blackk Friday, and after that I never followed up with his music. I hit up my good friend who is all too familiar with the Bakers Club, and she’d mentioned to me before of the release, but I never got around to it.

            I’m glad I asked her, because right off the bat, this mixtape hit on all levels. His flow, bars, the production behind it; all of it blended in and it was an enjoyable listen. I could do without the constant interludes, but that’s what gave it a ‘nostalgia’ feel to it, because of the old hip hop albums that had a lot of skits and interludes that we grew up to. I get it, so I respect it. I think this mixtape is crazy, so please listen. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

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