Kembe X – Soundtrack II Armageddon

If you’re not familiar with this Chicago rapper, I wrote a post about him and other Chicago rappers a couple of months ago. He has a bright future in my eyes. He’s got some skills that are still raw and will only get better as time rolls on. He released this EP, and it’s pretty dope. I was just having a little discussion about the usage of the ‘Third Eye’ reference, and that I hadn’t heard so many references since Ab-Soul came out with ‘Pineal Gland’, but there are probably other examples that I’m not aware of that came prior to that. It’s the new trend that has seemed to pop up, so we’ll see how that all turns out. I say all of this because Kembe spits about it on this EP, and the beats that accompany the lyrics make this solid (especially Die For It – a personal favourite). Check it out and Enjoy.

Download Here

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