On The Lookout – Kembe X

Another Chicagoan until Chicago ends (thank you, Kanye). Seems like a lot of attention in hip hop has shifted to the Midwest when you have Chief Keef as one of the main representatives of the newer generation, not to mention the elders still in the game (the aforementioned Kanye and of course Common). The young kids are coming up in the game and here’s another example, and he goes by the name of Kembe X.

I heard of him beforehand, just seeing his name across my timeline on Twitter, but I kind of forgot about it, and then I was reading an interview on ‘Rap Genius’ with Big Ghostfase (check his blog; it’s absolutely hilarious), and he said that of this generation, Kembe was one of the rappers that he was messing with. The metaphorical light bulb went off in my head so I took him in. Downloaded ‘Self Rule’ and the first person that reminded me of him was Brandon Dramatic. Similar voice & flow, but he has great lyrics to go with the snazzy production behind him (it felt Kanye inspired). You can kind of hear a bit of the old Kanye in his voice & flow, but hopefully he doesn’t stray far from it. I can definitely vibe with this guy. His first tape I still have to listen to (The Name’s Kembe), but I’m pretty much sold on him with ‘Self Rule’, so check him out and hopefully he garners more attention from the masses.

Side note – search up Alex Wiley; He’s another one that caught my attention from a feature on one of the songs on ‘Self Rule’ (Don’t Quit is the name). His flow is ridiculous.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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