I wrote this piece in 2010 while sitting through a lecture at York University while I was visiting the girl I was dating at the time. My thought process wasn’t all there – I was in a state of mind that was really pressed and I was essentially trying to figure things out with regards to where my life was going. I never thought I’d post it anywhere, but since I’ve vented for over a year now, I don’t see why not now. Enjoy.

The world is on your shoulders; the pain is so insurmountable, but you have no choice but to keep holding on to it or else it’ll crash down on you. The strength it takes  to hold up such a mass is Godlike, but yet you do it to yourself. Why is that? Because no one is there to share the weight – it’s you alone carrying the weight. That’s all you know and everything that you’re used to. Many doubted that you would last this long, but you continue to shut mouths and silence those who oppose you. What drives you to pursue the goal to release this weight? The power that you have, many don’t think of ever attaining. You’re nonhuman; the world is shocked and amazed at this remarkable view. The end is nowhere in sight, and your time carrying the weight feels like an eternity. The pain will pass, the suffering will end, and all will be well. There are, and always will be non-believers, and their only purpose in life is to see you fail – don’t let that happen. Hold on to whatever beliefs you have, and carry that weight until you see it through. Only you can stop yourself, and if you stop now, how easy do you think it’ll be to start over? It won’t be. Atlas is a God of Greek Mythology. He was punished to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders – you don’t have to, so don’t continue

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