Price – No Boundaries

I’m glad that I’m blessed to know people who are involved within the music industry, even if it’s not particularly many. I had an email sitting in my inbox for a few days, but as I was clearing through it, I just decided to see what this was about. Having being unsatisfied with what I’ve been listening to lately, I was in need for something to stand out and wake me up. This is the mixtape that brought me out of my winter slumber. I don’t know much about Price (@PriceOnline), but I do know that not everyone gets the opportunity to have a mixtape hosted by Statik Selektah. Homegrown talent continues to flourish in every way possible, so the fact that this mixtape is hitting so hard, shows promise for this budding artist. Not only is he a rapper, but he’s also been involved with international soccer competition – this guy is seriously talented, but I’ll let the music speak for itself. He has a great delivery to match with the assortment of beats to go on this mixtape. Enjoy

Download Here

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