On The Lookout – Ben Stevenson

Super-Producer, Boi-1da said in 2009 that Justin Bieber was going to blow up – he did. I brought it up (since he tweeted it), and he made another proclamation earlier this month:

When someone of his status makes a claim like that, you can’t knock the fact, so I checked out his music on Soundcloud, and there was definitely something there to be heard, but the thing is that, it wasn’t until I saw him perform live that made me a true believer in what he can become. Gracing the stage with a live band and guitar on hand, the soul from within him seemed to just flood out. The charisma, the great vibes and the strong vocals are what leads me to believe that this guy is going to be on a lot of people’s iPods in the near future. Canadian talent is busting at the seams and Ben Stevenson is going to be the next name that you’ll learn to know and appreciate, so it’s good to get on-board now.

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