The only time I’ve ever heard TiRon is when he did a song with ScHoolboy Q and a couple of collaborations with Pac Div. The reason why I’m just now giving him a thorough listen is because through all of the hype around the Top 10 MC lists all over the blogosphere, Mars (whom I can look to when it comes to trusting a knowledgeable opinion on Hip Hop) had him in his Top 10 of best current rappers, along with a host of others. He has a bunch of other projects out, but the 2 that I focused on were: Ketchup and MSTRD. Ketchup was really a collection of features and originals, but it didn’t really stand out to me to be honest.

When it comes to his style (flow/delivery), he’s pretty relaxed and laid back, and it reminds me of Fashawn, Murs, any member of Pac Div, etc. Being from the West Coast like the names I’ve mentioned, it’s easy to draw those comparisons. With the blend of chilled out beats, he vibes can’t go wrong at all, to be honest. MSTRD demonstrates his storytelling ability about being that everyday good kid, much like how Kendrick has perpetuated himself as an artist. I think the more I listen to him, I’ll learn to grow on him more, but only time will tell. He’s pretty decent, so definitely check it out. Enjoy.

 Download Here

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