What Men Want – The Response to The Bosnian


          I love Mirna, I really do. She’s opinionated, she’s headstrong, she’s ambitious, and she’s probably reading this saying to herself ‘why are you exposing me? I’m so not like this’ (in her white girl voice).  Now, she wrote a post about ‘What Men Want’, and she went into detail about her experiences on what men want when it comes to physical appearance and how men on contradictory to what they say they want, and what they actually get. It’s true, we all say things (men & women) about what we want: physical, personality, chemistry, the whole nine yards. We never get what we want – why? Because we’re human, and you can’t force what you like. It happens or it doesn’t.

            Mirna went into some examples of what men want:

Under 5’6 (but ‘long’ legs)
Long hair (grown naturally)
Big lips (but not like Jay-Z)
Big breasts (but not too big, because then you look fat)
Big ass (but firm and high, no cellulite or stretch marks)
Wide hips
Foot size under 8
Weigh under 125lbs
Tiny waist (but not abs because that’s manly)

Let’s be for real here – we men are not going to get a woman who’s built like this. We say we want this because of the Decepticon avatars on Twitter or whatever looks like on Tumblr. You see a woman walking down the street looking like that, you really think she’s going to look you straight in the eyes and give you the time of day? I’d have a better chance winning Gold in Women’s gymnastics than having a chance at that. You have to know you role, and stay in your lane. The problem is that Men & Boys are separated from what it is that they look for in a woman.

I’ll use myself as an example – there are things about a woman that I would find ideal, but I know for a fact 9 times out of 10 I won’t get, but at the same time, when you get a woman, you’re not just ‘settling’ because you can’t get what you want, you’re making a smart compromise. Here’s where I think the misconception comes from when it talks about what men want in women. On the internet, people are notorious for saying just about whatever they want simply for the sheer entertainment of it all. Coming from a guy, I know for a fact I’ve never been around a bunch of other guys that have said “Bro, listen…I can’t wife her if she doesn’t have (insert ridiculous physical attribute here).” I don’t know those men at all, because like Chris Rock said:

“All you need in life is a mate. Someone you fuck and go to the movies with and occasionally eat.”

It’s not rocket science, because we’re not scientist. There are women who just look at guys simply because they want a fling and want nothing else attached. Women treat guys like hoes too, they just do it in a different way, and men don’t like being ‘the hoe’. They always want to be the main. But, recognize that there are men who respectfully understand that they’re not going to be ‘that guy’ because women are choosier than men.

So, what do men want? Men want a woman who obviously looks attractive ‘to them’, because Mirna was probably writing that description through the eyes of a black man – let’s be real. Whom a man wants is way more than skin deep, but you have to at least look the part. We can foam and lollygag at all of these women on TV and the internet, but when it comes to real life – we have to make do with what’s there, and if you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll pick up a model type, but that’s not the hype. We like women who like themselves and us AT THE SAME! DAMN! TIME!

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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