Brandon Chey – My Name is Brandon

Young Toronto talent once again takes shape, as we get into warmer weather (if Mother Nature decides to act right) and the burst of music to follow suit. Bakers Club (if you’re not familiar already) plays host to a group of talented young rappers, a bunch of them from the heart of T.O. Raz Fresco & The 6th Letter have solidified their positions among the local Hip Hop community and further, but now, there’s another young MC looking to step up to the plate. The always lovely, elevated & musically inclined – Chii- passed me along to this video, and I must say that this guy can spit. This is quite the formal introduction for his first ever video. I don’t know when a mixtape is coming, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it. There’s something good to hear here, so do enjoy. Oh ya, and fuck with the Club.

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