Jae Skeese – Tryna Get It

If you don’t know about F1rst Class, take a read on how I came to meeting them in Buffalo in 2012. This group, as a whole, has been consistently putting out music, and it’s goodd to see that they’re about progress and continually getting their names out there, especially since they have some good MCs on their roster. Jae Skeese is one of my favourites of the group, and although I don’t listen to him as consistently as I should, there’s no denying that this guy has skill on the mic. I love this video, because the visuals tell the story of many when it comes to literally ‘trying to get it’, and by that, it’s the almighty dollar. Great song & video, and I’m anticipating that there will be more dope tracks on his upcoming mixtape. Get familiar with F1rst Class, because they’re about to take off. Enjoy.

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