Big Bad Baragon – Another Man’s Treasure (Sextape Vol. 1)

“You’ve just listened to the longest, wackest, most boring mixtape you’ve ever heard”

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Well on the contrary, it wasn’t that boring, but this was a mixtape that I had been anticipating for a while. For those who don’t know about Big Bad Baragon, he’s a rapper out of New York with a voice that ignites the Hip Hop nostalgia within you. Being introduced to him on Twitter, I found that he had a harsh delivery and an old school flare to him that a lot of younger rappers have tried to emulate (keyword is tried). If you listened to my inaugural On The Lookout mixtape, then you would have heard his version of Deep Cover and how he absolutely kills it – 100% on point. The question was, where would he go from there? Continue on that same path or try something new?

This mixtape was a story that is easily related and very often duplicated – love. We all have our own stories about it, but when it comes to being infatuated with the opposite sex, then feelings come about. The way that Baragon chose to tell this story is by combining it with the fact that he’s making the mixtape, and the variety between spitting heavy lyrical raps and combining it with the story of the girl he likes, it gives you a perspective as to what type of rapper he can be when you flip the subjects often enough. There’s a reason why this is called a Sextape as opposed to a mixtape, because there’s a lot of sexual reference (duh).

For a debut, this is heavy hitting that I hopes garnishes a lot of attention for him, because he has skills that are better than most, but then again, it all depends what you’re into – everyone has their preferences. There’s a mix of older beats along with the new, but although I’ve gotten over the fact that everyone tries to bring the 90s back, Baragon has the voice that can faithfully coexist with the old school beats, so I’m not even mad, and the fact that he has a track with the legendary Kool G Rap, that’s something to take notice of, even though he hasn’t been all that relevant for a while.

The point is that, this is a good mixtape and a lot of people will have their ears open (hopefully) for Big Bad in the future. I hope he continues to improve on his music and decides to take it further each time. Listen to it and do enjoy.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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