J.Black – Meant 4 More

It’s great that people forward me to more talented people (almost) everyday. This time around it comes from the state of Massachusetts (Worchester to be exact), and shout out to one of my followers out of MA for forwarding this tape to me. Initially, I scrolled through some tracks, just listening to about half of 5 songs, and the guy can really spit, there’s no denying that. The vibe that he gives off from the mixtape has a sort of early G-Unit appeal that combines hard beats & rhymes with melodic hooks. All around, it’s one of the better mixtapes I’ve heard this month and quite possibly all year as far as underground talent is concerned.

The mixtape overall emphasizes the hunger and determination that an underground rapper wants when they choose to embark a career in rap music, and from the Intro, it’s clear that he wants to be a Rap Superstar. Black feels as though he’s Meant 4 More as far as his life goes, and when making such a proclamation about wanting to be a big success which includes fame and wealth, you have no choice but to come correct. This is a good start for him if he’s really about being persistent on achieving his dream. He has the flow, the breakdown of how to make an actual song (Read My Mind is a good example) and he can also threw in more of a club/trap type of song (listen to Bounce). He possesses the mechanics to be a great artist one day, but again, it depends on if he’s willing to take that extra step to get there. This is definitely a dope tape to get a hold of, and be on the lookout for any future music that he puts out. Download & Enjoy.

Meant 4 More
(Automatic Download)

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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