No New Friends? Since When? – Vent XLV

Exactly, Jackie Chan…exactly

You know what the funniest thing is? Drake saying ‘no new friends, we don’t feel that’ isn’t something new, because that’s been the motto of many since oh I don’t know, the beginning of social networking. Each and every single year, the bitter, heartbroken, miserable, and  lonely have been preaching aimlessly about having no one else in their circle, cutting people off, having nothing to do with anyone, and that they’re just going to do them – and I can completely understand all of that, I really do. Here’s the thing – new friends can take you places further than your doorstep and show you things you might not have ever seen with your same core of individuals surrounding you.

Let’s look at it like this; we’ve all heard the phrase “show me your friends and I’ll show you your worth,” correct? Now, if your friends are all working minimum wage jobs, and have been for the past few years with no progress and you find yourself in that same state and you’re wondering just what else you need to take that next step, wouldn’t you think that you’d need to meet someone else who has a different perspective on life than you? It’s the fact that people take the smallest things so cerebral and makes them way more than what they’re supposed to be – chill out. Everybody just needs to calm down. Speaking from my own experience, everything comes back to music, and the perfect song that I usually recommend to people who seem to have problems with their inner circle is Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Cut You Off. The first and second verses are ones that almost anyone can relate to, and to be quite honest, I was just having this conversation the other day – if you see something that’s not good in your circle, and you try to tell the people in it that they need to shape up and that’s not working, then you need to literally come out di lane, and find something new. Being stuck in a revolving door isn’t pretty, nor is it necessary. You have so much life to live to just leave it to others to bring it down for you.

No New Friends…what is a friend? No one even knows what a friend is these days because the turnover rate in friendship is more than retail or corporate work. Everyone and anyone can and is replaced all the time. Acquaintances are people that you see here and there, hail them up when you’re in a mutual setting, and life goes on. Friends (to many people) are people who share a sacred bond and an almost family mentality, but that word gets tossed around like the word ‘love.’ Social networking has killed the word ‘Friend’ (I blame Facebook), because it has been tainted. Even to this day, there are people whom I know, get along with, go out with and all of that, but what do you classify as a friend when the other person goes behind your back and talks a whole leap of mess to whoever? It’s tough to figure out, and complex to understand, but the point is that meeting new people can create bonds that can work in your favour in the long run in terms of maybe bettering a new direction in life and there are so many ways to do that – join a club, take up a hobby which many other people share with you; just test shit out. You’ll never know how many doors of opportunity there are waiting for you if you don’t take a step out of yours. It’s that simple. Everyone needs some new friends when it matters, and with 7 Billion people on the Earth, it’s not hard to make some.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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