Kids These Days – Traphouse Rock

Traphouse Rock Back Cover

A fellow Chicagoan, Bella, told me about this band, and it’s mainly because I found out about Vic Mensa. He’s a part of this band (that just recently ended) called Kids These Days, so I decided to give it a listen. The rap/punk style is one that I’ve been familiar with in Toronto, and with Kids it’s no different from the ones I’ve been familiar with at home. The dynamic that they bring to the table is on a grander scale, and with the amount of artists in the band, it gives it a lot of musical diversity. Vic does his best Black Thought impersonation while flowing poetically over ‘dope ass instrumentation’ (word to Kendrick Lamar). The title of the mixtape gives it the appeal that it’s Trap music lyrically that has a rock appeal to it, but when you throw in some jazz ensemble with a Hip Hop flavour, you have a good vibe all the way through, and it’s much enjoyable. Definitely check this out, and keep up with Vic as he’s been making his moves to actively push his solo rap career. Enjoy.

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