Kanye West – New Slaves

In case you missed out on the internet buzz that was last night (May 17), Kanye West (in spontaneous and creative Kanye West fashion) premiered new music via worldwide projections (including my hometown Toronto) and it wouldn’t be Kanye West if he didn’t have an ounce of controversy to bring to the table like he did with ‘New Slaves’, but it’s all but necessary, and that’s what Hip Hop was built on – speaking about the realness that no one really talks about. With comparisons to slavery, this track paints a picture on how Black people are not divided by House & Field, but rather Rich & Broke this time around. Also, throw in some conspiracy and cannon-like shots fired towards record label executives, and you have quite the conversation starter that won’t exactly be talked around the water cooler at your 9-5. That’s the type of music that a lot of people have missed from Kanye West, and the difference between MBDTF and this album (as some people say) is that it’s dark, and you know that Kanye’s been pissed off for a while – you can see it in almost every picture with Kim Kard(oubtfire)ashian. June 18th is the album release, but for now, enjoy the newness.

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