Quadron – Avalanche (Album Stream)

After hearing ‘Better Off’ with Kendrick Lamar, and having hearing Coco O. on numerous occasions, it’s only right that I listen to their upcoming sophomore album, Avalanche, and let me tell you something – after only hearing the first song, I was captivated and alleviated on all levels that feel-good music conveys. It’s jiggy, it’s groovy, it’s loving, and overall the album is enjoyable and when it comes out, please believe I’ll be buying this (I have a lot of albums to buy, now that I think about it). I have to go back and listen to their first album, but from what I’m hearing on Avalanche, I’m thinking that Quadron’s growing popularity isn’t by accident; they’re definitely the real deal bringing flavour back into soul with an electric vibe. This is the music that a lot of people are in dire need of – just something different. It’s redundant and I’ve repeated it constantly, but what good is music if it sounds like everything else? We want more. Quadron provides, so do yourself a favour, listen to the stream – it’s something that you will truly enjoy.

Stream Here

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