Vic Mensa – Orange Soda

After hearing him on ‘Cocoa Butter Kisses’ and his own track ‘Did It B4’, I grew to like this guy a bit more, but I think this new video for Orange Soda pretty much solidified me as a future fan. With his background in being with a band, musically I think that he’ll bring more to the table than his counterpart, Chance The Rapper. This song gives you a taste of the musical strength that he gives off from his days with (ironically titled) Kids These Days. The beginning sounded like Biggie & Method Man’s ‘The What’, so I thought some serious bars were about to flow. Regardless of that fact, this is a smooth track all around, and a fun video. It’s summertime, it’s time to flourish. INNANETAPE is coming soon, and I’ll definitely be checking that out. I won’t be surprised if it’s on the same level or better than Chance’s Acid Rap (seeing as their competitors, he’s going to try to outdo him in every way – listen to ‘Acid Rain’). Enjoy this.

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