Michael Rocks – While You Wait

First thing’s first – unless you’ve been knighted by the Queen, I’m not addressing you by ‘Sir’, it’s just that simple. Anyways, The Cool Kids may be apart, but “coincidentally” they both drop mixtapes just days apart of each other (you’re not slick Charles & Michael). In a way, Michael still has the Cool Kids vibe with him, but barely – he has the modern day – everyday style that we hear every other track. Calling it generic would be an insult, but it’s nothing that brings satisfaction to my ears like Droptops did. It showed its promise of emulating what he did with The Rocks Report but it didn’t follow through – at least in my case. If you find a positive enough to listen to it repetitively, then more power to you, but you’re better off listening to something else. Maybe he should have ‘waited’ a little longer before putting this out. I think it could’ve been a lot better.

Download Here

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