Sir Michael Rocks – In A Minute | Chuck Inglish – Droptops (Mixtape)

Okay, so we all know that The Cool Kids aren’t together anymore, but to separate these posts wouldn’t feel right to me personally. If you missed out on the greatness that was from The Bake Sale to When Fish Ride Bicycles (not their best one), then you have some catching up to do. Michael Rocks hasn’t been the same (to me, at least) since the end of the duo (I’m ‘meh’ towards the Lap of Lux series), but their both doing their thing , having being consistent with releasing mixtapes after mixtapes. Chuck Inglish remains consistent to the Cool Kids sound that many were first introduced to, and I think that’s why many people gravitate towards him more than Mickey. Either way, they’re still dope, and will always be known simply as The Cool Kids. Chuck dropped a tape, and in preparation for his new tape to be released next week, Mr. Rocks drops a track ‘while you wait’. Enjoy.

Stream/Download Here

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