The Cool Kids – Computer School/ Chop (Feat. HBK)


          It seems to be the year of the reunions, and this is a reunion that has really been long overdue than most, because The Cool Kids are a duo who had that unique charisma that made great music together. When they broke apart, the world seemed to spin in another direction. I know that groups and duos rarely last forever, but I mean, even Tribe had a good run despite their personal squabbles. Mikey & Chuck both had solo ventures (Chuck’s Droptops is amazing), and although they weren’t for my particular liking, they found their lanes and thus found success from there. Their reunion is a great start for the 2014 as we look forward to just what else is in store. It’s back to the great music that they once made and hopefully it carries forward and avoids another hiatus. Enjoy.

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