The Foreigners – APEX

“I’ve got somethin’ to prove daily
Young, Black & Intelligent with a soul from the 80s
But ignorant because the motto’s still ‘fuck you, pay me'”

The Foreigners is a duo based out of TDot that I came across when I was going through a time period when I was listening to The 6th Letter & Raz Fresco heavily. They embody the style that many would characterize as bringing back the 90s and the Boom Bap era, but I like the way this was brought about because it doesn’t seem forced. I like the production, the rhymes mesh well, and it’s all around good music, no matter what time period it may sound like. Everyone gets inspiration from something, right? Exactly. The young kids are trying to get it and make a name for themselves, and that’s something in life that everyone can relate to. We all have a starting point, and for their 2nd project, this is a great piece of work that I can see a lot of people getting jiggy with, as I am. It’s a mellow vibe that takes a step back and allows you to just chill out, and the fact that this is coming out of Toronto, it’s just a greater emphasis of the talent we have to offer. Definitely take a listen and do enjoy.

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