Action Bronson x Harry Fraud – Saaab Stories

Action Bronson is one of my favourite rappers because he’s always been collaborating with some of the dopest producers out. Having worked with Statik Selecktah, and the Alchemist on collaborative projects, this time around it’s the likes of rising upcoming Harry Fraud that takes the wheel on the much anticipated EP. Action has stated that this is the last time that he’ll be doing one-producer projects (although, I’d wanna hear him over all Black Milk beats), and as much as it’s great that he teamed up with Fraud, it’s just way too short for my liking. Rare Chandeliers was dope, not only because of the fact that The Alchemist is the better producer, but the length kept me intact for a stretch of time. This project starts and just as you want more, you’re cut off, and that’s the downfall that I saw in it. That’s pretty much the only thing, because the beats are dope (Harry Fraud really can’t do any wrong right now). Check it out, and definitely check out more from Action Bronson, if you’re not familiar (read the Artist Profile).

Download Here

One thought on “Action Bronson x Harry Fraud – Saaab Stories

  1. It’s starting to feel like 1993 again. Albums Like Yeezus, Mac Miller, Born Sinner, Czarface, The Underacheivers and Action Bronson’s are focusing the attention back on Art and classic Hip-Hop. It’s opening the ears and doors of the masses and preparing the world for a New Golden Age.

    Chicago Urban Myth, Legend and Superhero releases “From $lave$ To King$ 2013.” The synergy of space, time, energy and mind; Golden Age Hip-Hop, Trap and EDM. Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, From $lave$ to King$ 2013 is a marriage of sight, sound, spirit and matter creating something new and unrecognizable yet completely familiar.


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