Drake – Jodeci Freestyle (Feat. J.Cole) x Motion (Feat. Sampha)

“Whenever Drake drops something new, the instant chatter only rivals that of Kanye West.” – Pierce Roberson (Exerpt from ‘Why Drake Is The Best In The Game‘)

There’s no denying that when Drake drops new music (while people are sleeping or working that late night shift) there’s instant buzz. It’s like if you walked into a room and screamed ‘DRAKE’, people’s heads will turn immediately. The attention is there, the hype is there, and the success reflects that, and that’s pretty much what he’s rapping about now. His confidence has significantly increased, so it’s no surprise that he took to 4 tracks (only 2 of which I liked) and laid down some bars in natural Drake fashion.

“Swear you niggas is hopeless
I should run a clinic for niggas that think that they’re winning
On some coach shit, 50Ms for a three month road trip
I see straight through them like fish tanks with no fish in them
Drizzy still got some ’06 in him” – 
Jodeci Freestyle

Having the Born Sinner, J.Cole on Jodeci was the first that we’ve heard both of them on the same track since In The Morning was the talk of the internet oh those many (not really many) years ago. They combined for a strong track, and you could see the rapport that they have with each other. It worked out well, but don’t let me ruin anything for you. Both tracks are dope, and it’s looking more and more promising for a (finally) strong album from Drake this September 17th. Enjoy.

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