Man of Steel – The STiXXclusive Review

            Comic book heroes all have a side that we think we don’t, but we don’t know, and have no idea about. When it comes to the hidden identity of the Hero, the notable names that come to mind off the bat are: Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, and Clark Kent. The difference is that only one of them isn’t human, and uses being one as his costume. For the fans of Superman over the years, there has been nothing but bad movie after bad movie when depicting the great hero of the past 75 years. When I saw that Chris Nolan (director of Inception & the Dark Knight trilogy) was brought on as a producer, I had a feeling that it was going to be something special. Was it going to be a reboot of the OG Superman with Christopher Reeves, or is this something that’s completely different? There were so many questions about this movie that I didn’t have the time to look up any answers, but the man with the comic book steady in hand (my best friend Xavier) would have more thorough knowledge of the tale (Read his review), but as for right now, let me assess what was one of the more hyped movies of the year.

            Hype – exactly what it was, and here’s why. I liked the fact that the movie was brought back historically about just who Superman is, where he came from, and the whole nine yards; pitting him as a man who’s lost in search of just who he really is and what his purpose is as well, reminded me of the first Dark Knight movie where Bruce Wayne went to the League of Shadows to train and eventually become Batman (wait, you did know that, right?). This movie had a story that I felt dragged on a lot, but because it touched on Superman the man himself and not so much the action that many are used to with the movie (and it was there), you can feel it moving along slowly to the point where you say to yourself “when’s the action going to kick in?” I think one reason why I probably didn’t enjoy the movie as much as a lot of people did was because I watched it in 3D (everything was sold out) and it didn’t look good in 3D to begin with – people just make 3D movies just to make them, these days.

            Here’s the one thing that could possibly have an impact on my perspective of the movie – I wasn’t dedicated to Smallville and I know that it was more focused on the growth of Superman as an adolescent, so maybe that has some sort of play in there, but I digress, it was alright, but I felt it could have been better (maybe find a dude who can act about as much as he has sex appeal to the ladies – I call this Channing Tatum Syndrome). Russell Crowe can essentially go into his ‘Gladiator’ character and bring out that type of delivery within him (not on that grand of scale, but the tone of his manner) as he did in the movie. The fighting scenes overall didn’t excite me much (there were about 2 or 3 sequences where I was actually into it), and I left the theatre dissatisfied because I thought there would have been a more direct focus during the movie. It happens, but if there are more movies to follow this one, maybe there will be a step up in direction. For now, I’d say wait until the hype dies and go on a cheap night to see this, but if you’re not in a rush to see it, don’t worry yourself much. This is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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