This Is The End – The STiXXclusive Review

What happens when you bring together some of the biggest names in Comedy (right now), throw in some drugs, liquor and sex, and blend it in with a horror movie concept? The answer is one funny ass, drug induced, heavily sexual referenced horror movie. Initially in the previews, I thought this was going to be one of those stupid comedies that have been flooding the movie industry since the dawn of the Scary Movie franchise (parodies on parodies on parodies), but what I would watch, cry with laughter, and occasionally jump out of my seat was a movie that surprised me on all levels.

The difference between the parody movies and this one was that it took a bunch of actors and placed them as themselves, so it wasn’t really ‘acting’ (obviously there was some that had to be done), but they were all in their own element, so the concept right off the bat was genius. The amount of celebrity cameos was too much to count, and they only got more and more surprising from start to finish. The comedic timing of it all and also the element of surprise were used well because there were a lot of instances where something really came out of nowhere and scared the hell out of you (I don’t know why Rihanna was in this movie, but if you want a spoiler, she doesn’t last long). What I enjoyed about this movie was the fact that it wasn’t like the forced comedy you see in so many other movies, and also the fact that each actor took stabs at each other sort of like how they really felt about them (dramatized obviously) was pretty funny, because it was like you’re putting a bunch of guys in a room together and letting them do what they do (I wonder how much of this was scripted).

It’s a fun movie, to get right to the point. What I liked about it was that I was kept entertained from start to finish, and the surprises kept it fresh and exciting throughout. A lot of people don’t look at James Franco as much of a comedian, but if anything was evident in Pineapple Express and what he’s done on SNL, you know that he can deliver the funny (even Emma Watson was pretty funny – I like her, post-Harry Potter self), and with everyone else, you already know what to expect if you’ve seen their movies. You’re getting your money’s worth if you choose to see it in the theatre, but even if you choose to bypass the theatre altogether, it’s an entertaining rental if you have people over. Go with some friends and enjoy yourself, because I definitely did. This is my opinion, this is my review

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