Freddie Gibbs – Have You Seen Her

ESGN is what you would call a summer album – hard beats, gritty sound, and overall, that’s what you want in your car during the hot summer. You want that thunderous knock in your speakers as you ride “2 miles per hour so everybody sees you,” I mean, unless you’re impeding traffic (which is ironic in my case). This track is actually one of my favourites, and although the hook encompasses the majority of the track, it doesn’t matter. The video encompasses just what Freddie Gibbs is – a drug dealer who raps. People don’t label him as a Trap rapper, but he is a trap rapper. If you watch any of his videos, you’d understand that, but at the same time, he makes great music. Check out the video, and check out my review of ESGN when you get a moment. Enjoy.

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