Artist Profile – Freddie Gibbs

“Back when i was younger, very ambitious but often blinded by my hunger/Some say i dream too big and my dreams gonna take me under.”

Shout out to my Aunt Nikki for choosing the picture. Very personal

I’ve been sleeping on a lot of talent it seems lately. Why? I don’t know. But, that’s why I’m thankful for social networking and the people I talk to. The name Freddie Gibbs kept appearing on my timeline on Twitter, and I was like “who the hell? What are you people talking about right now?” Shout out to Tima, because she was the one who told me to look him up and whatnot. So, me being the curious, open-minded individual that I am, I went to the greatest internet invention of all time next to Google & Napster – YouTube.

So, from there, I discovered ‘National Anthem’ & ‘How We Do’. I liked the sound that he brought. Hard lyrics with a rugged voice to drive the message of the streets with a deep hustler’s mentality. Not even going to lie, first time I heard him, he reminded me of Jay Rock, and ironically enough, while listening to his music, he featured Jay Rock on a song with him (Rep 2 Tha Fullest), so that was pretty crazy. The reason why I found them similar was because of their subject material. They’re both similar in lifestyles, gangster mentalities. It’s something that I like about Gibbs; he’s not 100% Trap music, he’s not 100% Gangster rap, but it’s thought provocative and most importantly, IT’S REAL! The music that he brings is fresh, and coming from a small city (Gary, Indiana, which was once home to the most famous person coming from Gary…THEE Michael Jackson), the struggles that he portrays in his rhymes are real and authentic. Every city has their common issues & struggles, but it’s how its delivered that makes the difference between him and other rappers I’ve listened to thus far.

I’ve listened to 4 of his mixtapes, and the sound that he brings (as I’ve stated before) is consistent and adds an extra umph in his step because he’s not just one of those rappers that raps slow and try to be intimidating. He has the Kendrick Lamar type of approach, has the trap mentality that can be compared to Jeezy (which a lot of people do already), and a straight up tough guy personality that he portrays in poetic fashion. I don’t usually mess with dudes that are really about the trap game often, because they’re not necessarily the greatest rappers (See: Jeezy, OJ tha Juiceman, Gucci Mane, Waka? T.I….only recently). Ironically enough, one of my favourite songs from Freddie features Jeezy (Twos & Fews), so that was surprising, given the fact that I don’t like Jeezy all that much. I’m more of a Rick Ross fan, but we won’t get into that in this post, I’m going to give Gibbs his shine, because it is well deserved.

He was apart of the XXL 2010 Freshman list, and it shows because he’s talented. He has a style that is reminiscent of the 90s but at the same time, he can keep up with today’s style and administer lessons to the younger kids that are coming up and run with the best of them that are blooming right now. His signing to CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment) proves that it is a label that is heading in the right direction, even though aside from Jeezy, Gibbs is the only other artist to actually put out music, so only time will tell if Gibbs will carry the torch for the team. Download all of his mixtapes (or at least the ones I listened to) and his EP underneath. So, listen & enjoy, but for now, TMWAIS


Str8 Killa


The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs

Cold Day In Hell


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