Freddie Gibbs – Lay It Down

Evil Seeds Grow Naturally, and in Freddie Gibbs‘ case, not only is that his album title, but that’s also the mantra that he goes by, as he takes us to his hometown (where most of his videos are shot) of Gary, Indiana to see where they’ve been planted. Given the fact that The Jacksons originated from Gary, Indiana, the imagery was never painted in my eyes, but it looks like any other rugged town in the U.S (looking at you Detroit, Memphis, and Compton in particular). This is one of the hype tracks on the album, and it’s just another testament to Gibbs’ strengths as he can do pretty much any style when it comes to the microphone – he’s just a flat out rapper, and you need to take notice now or suffer later. That’s just coming from me, but I wouldn’t talk about the dude so much if it wasn’t true. Go with me on this one. Check out the video, and check out the album – enjoy.

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