Freddie Gibbs x Madlib – Robes (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Domo Genesis)

If I were to make a list of my personal top 10 of most anticipated Hip Hop albums of 2014, Cocaine Pinata, by the collaborative effort of Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, would definitely b in my top 5. Through hearing the Thuggin’ and Shame EPs, this has definitely been a wait worth waiting, and when the radio version of this song was premiered, the clean version and muddy sound didn’t do it justice. Now that it’s here and sounds as it should, I’m quite satisfied with it. Domo Genesis and Freddie worked together on Till The Angels Come from No Idols, so it’s good to hear them both together again. Earl is who Earl is (his name is his name), and he dropped a dope verse as well – these type of beats fit him well. The album drops March 18th, so stay tuned and enjoy this in the meantime.

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