Sean Leon – Ninelevenne, The Tragedy

I felt conflicted about this mixtape, because I heard a few of these songs live, and what I got from Sean Leon is that he can be the A$AP Rocky of Toronto, and that’s not exactly a far-fetched statement if you’ve listened to his music. This mixtape is a reflection of the story of his life over the past few years that has come with nothing short of struggle, but he’s a determined artist, and this music is literally his life – that’s what I can respect about him and what separates him from other artists in the city. He’s going after what he wants, and has amassed a following from it. My Side of Town and Cocaine are probably my favourites on the tape, but the vibe overall is one that is mellow, but switches up from time to time to bring out different energy to keep you interested. Production wise, I look at Owl Pharaoh by Travi$ $cott in comparison, with that dark, trap feel to it. IXXI is a group that is looking to be making a force much like how OVO & XO did with Drake & The Weeknd. Only time will tell if they’ll be able to match their feats, but it’s not a bad start. Take a listen, and enjoy.

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