The Battle for 8.20 – Ferg vs. Earl

Now, to a lot of people this is hardly a battle, because on one side you have the mysterious but still talented Earl Sweatshirt, whose story everyone knows by now (Dope first album, got sent away to behind God’s back, came back; didn’t do much), and then you have on the other corner, A$AP Ferg, who’s often referred to as the 2nd best rapper in the group (depending on who you talk to). Both fan bases for Odd Future and ASAP Mob roll deep, but Odd Future has the edge, given the fact that Tyler, the Creator has been the spearhead of pushing Earl’s resurgent comeback to rapping again – which many Hip Hop fans are thankful for. Doris is an album that a lot of people have many expectations for, and with the releases of Chum, Whoa, and Hive, there are a lot of good things to look forward to (I mean, 20 Wavecaps is crazy even if it’s just a snippet right now).

What can we say about A$AP Ferg and the release of Trap Lord? The fact that he hasn’t built himself a lot of strength as a solo rapper outside of the Mob collectively. Work is his breakout song, and he has had a couple of features (Travis Scott’s Uptown and A$AP Rocky’s Ghetto Symphony) have built up his popularity, but head to head, I doubt that Ferg has enough to win over the Hip Hop heads right now. It’s a good idea, business wise, to put out Trap Lord as an album although I still think it should be a mixtape. 

Where Ferg & Earl have their differences, they both play to their strengths: one is more lyrical, one is more entertaining – both will sell, but my prediction is that Earl will blow Ferg out of the water, but neither of them will do any eye popping numbers (don’t ask me for exact figures – I don’t even know). Earl obviously has more experience, but with this being his first actual album being sold in stores, he has the edge, but the newcomers often make noise. Ferg is no Rocky, but that doesn’t mean he’s just going to bow down gracefully. He’ll have a good showing, but again, don’t expect anything crazy. August is set to follow the months of June & July for good music, so definitely be on the lookout for what can happen before the inevitable 4th quarter of greatness. Check out the promo trailer for Doris, and checkout the tracklist for Trap Lord. But for now,

That’s My Word & It STiXX

Trap Lord (Track List)

1. Let It Go
2. Shabba (ft. A$AP Rocky)
3. Lord (ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
4. Hood Pope
5. Fergivicious
6. 4:02
7. Dump Dump
8. Work (Remix) (ft. French Montana, ScHoolboy Q, Trinidad Jame$, A$AP Rocky) 
9. Didn’t Wanna Do That
10. Murda Something (ft. Waka Flocka Flame)
11. Make A Scene
12. Fuck Out My Face (ft. D-Real, Onyx & Aston Matthews)
13. Cocaine Castle


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