Vibonics – Kitchen Sink EP – The STiXXclusive Review

Vibonics is the first musical act that I ever reviewed on my blog (acting like it’s been here for 10 years, when it’s only been 1), and myself and frontman Crossword have maintained a good relationship since then, but as for Vibonics, they’ve been making music and touring consistently building their fan base and living the meaning of a band before our very eyes. Their hustle is great to see as they’re trying to at least make a name for themselves. The music isn’t the type that I listen to on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good – it’s just different.

New material is great, but when you’ve heard half of the project live, then it diminishes your views on it a bit, because you’re wondering if it’ll live up to the same standards that you were introduced to the first time around. Since their last EP, they made a switch at lead singer (Tacha), and I think that (for one) improved, but that’s not to say that the former singer was good at all. Toxic was the introductory track that showed off not only the singing ability, but also threw in some bars to mix it up a bit. It was hard hitting, and Crossword followed up with a dope verse of his own that was different from what I’ve heard from his earlier work. I was glad that he tried something new, but the main reason why I liked this song is because it was complete, and the female lead took control of it from start to finish. What I hoped was that that would continue from here on out.

          Set Sail is not only the lead single for the EP, but it was also one of the songs that I’d heard live at their Party @ Santa’s event. (I’m sure I heard Toxic as well at the same time). This song was more on the fun side, and what it conveys is what a good majority of working people think about almost every day of the year: Getting away to go somewhere far, but lack the funds to do so. It’s definitely a song that fits the summer time (well, maybe not this summer since the weather hasn’t been that accomodating), because of the name drops of many travelling outlets that help create the ‘getaway’ theme. It’s a fun song, and definitely one that you could picture yourself hearing on radio.

2 Feet Tall is also a song I got to hear live and it wasn’t one that really hit me at first, but after a couple of listens I got around to liking it. At this point, having Tacha has really been the strong-point because she has a great voice and adds different dynamic for the group – she’s really been the strength of the EP so far, and what I’ve been able to find enjoyable. This is more so an uplifting track that emphasizes that one has had dreams and goals since they were small in age – and in height (hence the 2 feet tall). The track is simple enough that people can relate to and it’s quite the toe tapper. I don’t have any knocks for it, because the hook is catchy (which was something that they wanted to convey in the first place), and the flow of the lyrics went well with the melody. Overall, it’s enjoyable.

         Prunk on the other hand, I could have done without. It felt like they took on a ‘metal’ sound approach with the song, and from the get go, it just wasn’t in my particular taste. Now, I get the harsh sound of the song because of the lyrics to back up the theme, so that works, but sonically, it’s not something I’d listen to repeatedly. It just felt awkward, and it’s the song on the EP that definitely takes you on a detour on the latter half of the project,

          In The Air is a passionate song, and it was all going well until Crossword’s last verse of the song, and I felt like it could have been done better given the dramatic point that the song had reached at that point. The song context stayed true to everything that was put out for each song, but for that particular moment, it felt forced and didn’t blend naturally with the song. That was would have made me just stop listening to the song or just skip towards the end, because I do like the hook for it. I heard this song live, and I got the same feel for it (well, almost) after hearing it now.

I enjoyed this EP for the most part because it had a little bit of everything for people to enjoy and even for those, like myself, who don’t wander into the rock type of sound (although they’re not a rock band), you can still grab elements from it whether it’s the beat of the band, or the lyrics that hit home for ordinary people. There’s a sign of growth here, and it’s great to hear progress on their journey. The band works hard and they’ll be rewarded with just deserve. So, with that being said, take a listen and check out any other music they have if it sparks your interest. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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