14KT – Nickel & Dimed

I was listening to a track from this album (Paid with Blu), and I really liked what I was hearing, so I decided to give the album a listen. It’s instrumental, but I liked the beats a lot to give it a listen through (although it was difficult to listen to it consistently at work). Michigan has a lot of talent that goes unnoticed, and I shouldn’t be surprised by some of the soulful, yet hard hitting beats that 14KT cooked up for the album and got some wicked verses for. Featuring verses from MED, the aforementioned Blu, Black Milk (another Michigan native producer/rapper), and JMSN (just to name some), this is a well rounded album. I’m going to have to go through his Soundcloud page to see just what else he’s done, but I’m glad I looked more into this album beyond one track. Take a listen, and enjoy.

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