Audio Push – Come As You Are


I follow Hit-Boy (producer of many tracks, but the general public may only recognize Niggas in Paris) on twitter, and part of his HS87 label, I just went under the assumption that Audio Push is one of his artists – cool (found out that it’s actually a duo). He kept RTing the hell out of the promo for this album, and I literally saw no one on my timeline talking about it, so I went out and did some homework. Started listening to this at work, and my face screwed up from the amount of dope beats I was hearing (someone start giving Swiff D the credit he deserves please), and the various styles were refreshing to hear. It wasn’t just another ‘stuck in the 90s’ or ‘typical trap’ mixtape/album. I was very surprised to hear what I was hearing, so I definitely advise you guys to check this out and definitely enjoy. Alright Hit-Boy, I see you with the talent scouting.

Download/Listen Here

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