Petition: Don’t Ruin Live Music in Canada

Here’s the thing – it’s hard enough that most of the rappers I’d like to see, can never make it past the Canadian border because of legal issues, but now the Canadian Government wants to raise the price from $125 as a whole to $425 per person (artist, manager, each band member, etc) for smaller venues.


Being a writer, I thrive on the experience in being at a show and writing about it; being apart of the environment and embracing the culture. Canada is a city where artists like to come frequently and smaller venues thrive because they get great business. Now, with the increase of prices, how are they going to afford to book each person, plus the venue, and everything else that comes with it? They lose, the artists lose because of the cost and urge to not come, and thus, the fans lose altogether. I don’t want it to happen, and you shouldn’t either. I’ve signed it, and if you’re a fan of independent artists all over, think about the amount of shows that Toronto (or your city) has – we can’t let this happen, so sign it. Take a few minutes and share it out – a lot of people will be affected by this if the government goes through with it. Do the right thing.

Sign Here

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