ScHoolboy Q – Banger (MOSHPIT)

See, when you see the title of the track, what you’re thinking and what I’m thinking is that it’s going to be something crazy on an electronic or rock & roll type of vibe, but this right here? This shit right here?! It’s something serious.

OXYMORON is on the way, ladies and gentlemen (sample clearances can’t happen fast enough), and for the 3rd release of the album, there hasn’t been anything weak yet and that’s a good sign, given the fact that ScHoolboy Q has spent a lot of time working on it, fine tuning, and making sure that it’s the best possible product to bring to the table as the 2nd Black Hippy member to drop a ‘mainstream’ debut album. This beat is ridiculous, and if you don’t catch yourself, you might actually moshpit in your own home (if that’s all possible). Gangster music has resurfaced, and I feel like for the people who play GTA V, this would be a perfect song to add into the soundtrack, because it’s just…that gangster. Hopefully we get the album in November, but for now – Enjoy.

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