RISE – Edutainment Convention 2013

One thing about this city that has a stinky reputation is the fact that there’s no love shown in the city that promotes 1 love in the city. That’s not the case, and I have experienced it first hand just what can happen when you spread some love around. RISE (Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere) runs an open poetry-slam type of event weekly in Scarborough, and seeing youth come together to express themselves through music, spoken word, interpretive dance and simple stories just to have some listeners, is a beautiful thing instilling unity for all in what many consider an ‘at-risk region.’

The popularity of RISE has grown, and the support has definitely increased, which is also a beautiful thing. Having all of said support, RISE is able to present to the people, the Edutainment Convention, which is a 2 day showcase of talent from upcoming and established talent from the great city of Toronto. A little goes a long way, and for those who need a bit of perspective as to just how a small group from Scarborough are aiming to make a positive impact to people all around, how could I not support this? Acts like Shi Wisdom, The Freedom Writers, John River (whom I met at a RISE Monday), and others are lined up to appear. Edutainment is the purpose is the educate & entertain (I use the word sometimes), so I would definitely recommend anyone in the city to come out and show love. All info is on the flyer, and more info, definitely get in touch with RISE on twitter (@RisePoetry & @RandellAdjei).


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