Life’s Tricks Can Treat You – Vent LV

I should call this my Louis V Vent (LV? No? Ok), but something that came to me on this Hallow’s Eve, triggered me to speak up. When you’re a constant life reflector as I am, you realize that life can play tricks on you in ways that you won’t understand, but more times than not, you get treated the same way. Now, many people say that life isn’t fair, and that life’s a game that we all play. So, if it’s a game, then why not play within it and let it benefit you somehow? No one knows how everything is going to end up, and all you can do is seize any and every opportunity that comes your way, because you never know which direction life will take you in on your journey.


Example – last year (2012), when I quit my retail job (which I love talking about), I experienced a sequence of events in where I found myself (at times) ‘lucky’ and when you’re down in certain situations and life likes to throw little jabs of hope in your direction, you just have to laugh and say “alright, life, I see what you’re doing.” What I learned was that when you give out to the universe, you’ll be rewarded in some way. There’s no set time and date as to when it’ll happen, but the point is that it’ll happen. I look at the quarterly GST cheques (which I haven’t got in almost a year) as life tricks, because you could be so broke and then you get a $28.50 or $99 cheque to ‘get you by’ for the time being. No one tells you that things will get easier after you graduate college, they always just tell you that ‘this is where the real world begins’, and that’s a lie because the real world happens when you’re stuck to figure out if you buy groceries one week or pay overdue bills; the real world is having to walk to work for a month because you don’t have bus fare until your first pay stub comes in; the real world has nothing to do with living on your own or maintaining personal responsibilities, because a lot of people didn’t have the luxury of deciding on going to school – they had to figure out if they were going to choose education or the workfield – that’s the real world.

So in a way, life is tricky when you’re at a constant fork in the road and you have to make key decisions to dictate just where you’re able to go. With every decision, there’s an action that follows suit – a consequence or a treat. Now, say if you had to choose between an education and work because of certain situations and couldn’t have both; where one is missing, the one will be rewarded in the back-end through some other form. Education isn’t necessarily institutionalized, and work isn’t always traditional. You and earn and learn through life experiences and it helps you build as an individual. There are ways to trick life sometimes by putting yourself in situations to better yourself. Making a sacrifice to enhance your life is a scary thought, yet at times it’s so necessary. I see it happen, I’ve lived through it and it’s all worth it in the end when you’re going after something that you truly want. Life’s a game, there’s no set rules on how to live it, but there are always little loopholes to get you by. Play on.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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