MellowHigh (Self-Titled Album)

Odd Future is back once again, yet again, time and time again, and do they disappoint? Well, as of recent (recent being this year 2013), they’ve been spot on with their albums as they’ve been contributing in many different ways for different appeals. Tyler grew up (Wolf), Earl got dark (Doris), and The Internet made you Feel Good. Mellowhype’s own Hodgy Beats dropped his Untitled EP 2, but that was less than the hype had anticipated. How could you blame the disappointment when the first one was so good? Not to be left out, The Super 3 (aka The Jet Age of Tomorrow) dropped a great album of their own with The Jellyfish Mentality. Domo Genesis has been riding the wave of great features since his project with The Alchemist, No Idols. I’ve found myself to be repetitive about the growth of Domo, because he really was one of the weaker links in the group as far as rapping is concerned, but he has shot himself up through a string of progression that has seemingly gone unnoticed from so many people.

The idea to combine forces with MellowHype & Domo Genesis was something that didn’t surprise me, given the fact that within the Odd Future collective, there are mini groups within. This album is guaranteed to be very weed smoker friendly, since the three (Hodgy, Left Brain & Domo) like their trees, like to smoke a lot of it, and love rapping about it (if you recall Domo’s last couple of projects: Rolling Papers & Under The Influence). The little snippets that came out prior to the album gave me great anticipation for what was going to be released as a whole. Look (which isn’t on the album) and Yu built the anticipation, and when the stream hit on Myspace (random), you know I had to take it in in full.



You know when there are collaborative projects and you can obviously tell which one is out rapping who? This was one of those times, because throughout the album, you could hear the hunger coming out of Domo’s rhymes and his flow was simply uncanny. As a whole, you get a blend of the rugged with some throwback style beats (Extinguisher being the key example, but Cold World had that feel as well), the melodic (Yu), the traditional Left Brain beats that have made his sound distinguishable in the crew, and then what would a weed smoker’s album be if you didn’t have two of the more profound weed smoking rappers on it? Smoke DZA & Curren$y made their presence felt, and it was fitting for the album because they’re a couple of rappers who are basically everywhere and anywhere making tracks with the younger cats, because they all rap within their elements (the green stuff, you know).

You almost know what to expect from Odd Future, but then again you don’t, because they have this way of still surprising you with material when you thought that you’ve heard just about anything that they’ve put out. However, because they’re still in an artistic process where they’re developing their style, it’s interesting to see just where they’re going to go from here. This album wasn’t exactly a hit, but it’s not a miss. Musically, you get the different sounds, but there’s really no direct focal point about the album. You get the bars as Hodgy & Domo exchange verses throughout the album. Definitely check it out, and enjoy.

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