OverDoz – Boom

You know, I was put on to OverDoz by a friend of mine, and initially listening to them, I didn’t get anything from them. Given the fact that they’re from the West Coast, I felt the need to let their music grow a bit. Why? Because I had grown quite fond of their sound that combines not only the artists themselves, but also the production.


THC being a main collaborator for a lot of West Coast artists, you have to go into this mixtape anticipating that there are going to be funky fresh beats on display. OverDoz is a group that has a lot of fun and creative vibes if you go back and listen to Live For, Die For (December being one of my favourite tracks), so there’s much to look forward to, especially given the fact that their tracks that were premiered earlier (Lauren London De$tabil) were pretty dope. Enjoy.

Listen/Download Here

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