Andreena – Terminator

Don’t call her ‘that girl from that Drake song’ because she might snatch your wig (okay, maybe not), because she’s proving that she can stand, walk, run, and climb on her own two (and still look good doing, might I add). If you haven’t heard her album, Naked, then I suggest that you: 1. Read the review and 2. LISTEN TO IT! There are a lot of great R&B acts waiting to break out and show the world just exactly what we have. I mean we already have 3 of them that have taken the world by storm (Okay, maybe 2 and a half, since Drake still raps here and there), but there’s a lot yet to come – they just need to make with the music already (in my best Eastern European accent). Andreena takes a page out of the revenge book and gets on her worst behav- okay, you get the idea. Good video, an even better song, but trust me when I say that there’s more where that came from – don’t sleep. Enjoy the video.

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