John River – Impossible

It might be because he’s celebrating the one year anniversary of his mixtape, The Calm, but on the day of the 3 year anniversary of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (although this was released 2 days prior), this song (well, the video more specifically) reminded me of Runaway with the interpretive dancer performing over the duration of it. It might also be because how John River built his name in such a way through the Defining Impossible stories, that may have a little poetic feel behind all of it. The common denominator of all three things is artistry, and it’s shown here to be appreciated. 1 take. All day. By herself. Dancing in front of graffiti. YOU EVER GO NIGHT NIGHT?! Okay, that was extra, but you get the point. Catch up on John if you haven’t heard of him (check out our interview), but most importantly, enjoy the video.

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