A STiXXclusive Sitdown – John River


There’s not a lot to say about John River besides the fact that he’s one of the most inspiring people you’ll meet because of his personal stories of perseverance and dedication to his passion of Hip Hop. The multi-talented individual is due to make more waves as he continues to build upon his craft as a young and budding Hip Hop artist. The Calm is still out there to be downloaded, listened to, and vibed with, but in the meantime, we got a chance to sit down and talk about some things revolving his music, his life, and where he sees himself in the game. We sat down during day 1 of RISE Poetry’s inaugural Edutainment Convention, where he happened to be headlining with The Freedom Writers. It’s a great interview, so make sure you take a listen (no time for transcribing; I give you the whole thing raw). Shout out to the 905, one time.

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