John River – The Storm (Official Music Video)

Mississauga. The Row. District 9. Whatever you want to call it, it’s home for John River who is one of the most dynamic artists to come out of the 905 for some time. I could be redundant to talk about his story time and time again, but he is adding to it with every move that he makes, whether business wise or music wise. This year, he released the follow-up to his debut, The Calm, with The Storm, and storm is exactly what he did. Coming in with fury and a fuelled passion given the stricken loss of Redway, the determination has been evident in his work ever since, if it hadn’t been obvious already. This video is a testament to the emotion that he carries with him as a person overall. There are no more words for me to explain, just witness for yourself and make sure you listen to the project. Enjoy.

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