Clairmont The Second – Graduated (Official Music Video)

High school graduation was cool, College grad was crap, but the important thing through both events was that I made it through the course loads, the early mornings, the seemingly endless nights of homework that I dreaded. Musically, you can graduate to high levels of self-education and growth that can’t be taught within the rooms of an institutionalized classroom, but it comes within the walls of your room, house, apartment, or the border of the city that you’re from. The world within your eyes in the classroom, and there are different stages that you pass to enhance yourself as a progressing human being. Clairmont The Second is going to be a star. I’ve seen him perform, I’ve listened to his music, and this guy is hungry enough to get it. I believe it, and coming from the West side of Toronto where I look at it as the equivalent of the Dark, shadowy place from The Lion King (Brampton can fall into that category too), he’s taking the strength of his artistry outside the lines that the city can’t handle right now, but they will learn. So consider this a class as Clairmont takes you to school with this visual. When you’re done, grab the most recent chapter of his life textbook, A Mixtape By Clairmont The Second, and pay attention. You’ll thank me later. Enjoy

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